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In order to make a reservation, please fill out the form below.

You will receive an answer to your request in the shortest possible time.

If you have questions about ATV rentals or concerns, please contact us on +40 743 700 382 or by email at

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The maximum number of passengers on each ATV is 2 and the minimum age of the passenger is 12 years.

Each Route has been tested and analyzed so that the time allotted is enough for you to enjoy driving the ATV but at the same time to enjoy nature, fresh air or photo sessions.

When renting the ATV, you will need your identity document and driver's license (category B minimum)

ATVs are currently only rented with a Guide, the price for the Guide being 150 Lei.

If there are 2 or more ATVs Rented then the Guide is Free, following that as the number of ATVs rented increases you will benefit from other extra services.


The ATV rental procedure will be identical to that of car rentals.

The ATVs will be thoroughly checked by you before leaving on the route.

Any irregularities you find, no matter how small, we encourage you to report them to us so we can note them down.

All details of costs and other amounts will be included in the Rental Agreement between us and you.

In the event of damage to an ATV caused during the rental, we reserve the right to charge an amount as a guarantee before leaving on the route.

The Guarantee amount will be 500lei/ATV.

Upon return, after inspecting the ATVs together with you, if NO damages/defects are found, the amount will be fully refunded.

If, however, damages/defects are found, the amount will be withheld until the damage/damages are repaired, following that if the costs exceed the retained amount, they will also be paid by the customer.


During the whole period of renting the ATV with a guide, you are asked to follow certain rules for your safety as well as that of the rented property.


- The protective equipment we offer must be worn: helmet, glasses and gloves.

- To fully enjoy the experience and maintain a safe climate, follow the instructions of the Guide throughout the route. 

- There are no deviations from the established route. Keep calm, every route is spectacular and we reach all the high points.

- Do not overload the ATV's abilities through controlled skidding, violent driving, performing acrobatics or any other way in which you are exposed to injury or accidents.

If this is found, the Guide will stop the activity and the warned person/s risk having the contract canceled for non-compliance with the contractual conditions.

- Under no circumstances will you be able to drive the ATV under the influence of alcoholic beverages or under the influence of other psychoactive substances.

We reserve the right to refuse the respective persons.


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