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We could say that the story started decades ago...being children and growing up in the middle of nature, I always had an inclination towards hiking, adventure, exploration.

For example, a route that we have listed on the website, as a child we used to walk it almost every day. And it is not straight at all but on the slope its entire distance. Almost every time (with the exception of the days when it was raining torrentially) we stayed for a few moments and looked at everything around us from the top of the world.

From a single point you can see Vf Vladeasa, Vf Muntele Mare, the giant Maguri then Marisel and then you can see Cluj in Grigorescu, all in 360 degrees.

Those moments make you feel much freer and enjoy the surrounding tranquility even though you are looking at a world map in front of you with hundreds of houses scattered over all the hills. Late in the evening, those houses disappear but appear lit up by small fireflies like stars  in the clear night sky.

Ever since then, I felt the need to show the world how beautiful we are. But back then the technology was limited to Dialog, Connex, Zapp, Alcatel One Touch Eazy Dual Band or Nokia 3110.

You had no choice.

However, time has passed, and even though we are far away, we are still connected with the memories of home.

Now we have the opportunity to see those views again, almost daily, and not anyway: Motorized so that the experience doesn't last extraordinarily long and isn't exhausting like it used to be.

The beauty of things is now just a click/touch away and everyone can share pictures and videos with the areas I mentioned.

In this idea, we created this ATV Rental service in the hope that we will attract you to the middle or peak of nature.

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